2022 Matrics do PGHS proud!!!

The class of 2022 celebrated their successes in the NSC examinations

Acting Principal’s Congratulations

It is indeed a privilege to be part of a wonderful achievement and every member of our community has every reason to be proud about being part of Pinetown Girls’ High School.

This most outstanding achievement would not have been attained if it were not for the hard work and dedication  of  the Educators of Pinetown Girls’ High School. The year 2022 was by far not the easiest in the history of our school. However, these men and women kept their eye on the prize and produced the most wonderful results. Today, the Pinetown Girls’ High community pays tribute to each and every one of them. This is their moment!

To the class of 2022, you  can today bask in the glory of your achievement. In as much as the road ahead will be different, take this time, and for the moment celebrate yourselves. Be joyous in your achievement, and sing and dance after your hard work. You deserve it!!

The Pinetown Girls’ High School community salutes you. May you be the bright light the world over rallies to as you achieve even greater things.

Inkonzo enhle!

We wish you every success!!

Mr. SM Shange – Acting Principal

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