2023 Learner Leaders’ Workshop – School Media Room

“Now that I have identified some of my issues I am able to work with them. The training showed me how to deal with situations”

Kuhle Marime

A word from the convenor, Ms Nkomo, teacher in charge of Learner Leaders

The leaders enthusiastically engaged in various team building exercises and learnt about the theory of conflict management and different leadership styles.

They also learnt about different personalities, the strengths that come with each, and how to utilise each personality’s strengths effectively in a team.

Personally, I learnt about conflict management and how to create safe spaces for others to be comfortable around us. For some it was quite emotional to open up about feelings that were bottled up.

Our leaders went home tired after a busy afternoon but vouched for the valuable skills and information gained.

Thank you Ms Nkomo, and the participants, for being such committed leaders!!!

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