The school held its Annual Athletics Day on Thursday 28 September 2023. This year was a little different from other years in the sense that a new novelty event was incorporated – The Colour Run. For the athletes who had trained diligently over the past few weeks, the time had come to pit themselves against each other and score points for their houses – Apollo, Mercury, Triton, Venus and Vesta. The action was captured on camera by our very own PR Club, whose photographs and videos feature below. The Sound Team provided the music for dramatic effect as well as a platform for announcements to be made.

Athletics Day

Athletics Day Videos

Colour Run

In this inaugural novelty event, organised by the RCL, participants had fun ‘colour bombing’ one another with a rainbow of colour powders, colour hair sprays and colour  smoke bombs. Judging by the colourful after effects, everyone had fun, Teachers were not spared as the participants sought new targets.   

Colour Run Video