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PGHS Art Department has always taken pride in encouraging creativity, originality and innovation amongst its learners. Our brightly-lit, rustic-framed CHART of Fame ensures that the learners gain the exposure they deserve for their artistic achievements. “Let the art speak for itself” is one of the aims of this initiative. From displaying artists at work, to art competition winners, and our “Best of” series, we congratulate and motivate each other in all things creative!

Beautiful art images from our Art learners.

Our recent poster displaying the work of our past learner Naledi Zondi, who matriculated in 2014, gives the chart some exuberance and delight in all that is possible in this subject. Naledi has certainly made us proud! With a flair and passion for art and design, she has incorporated her knowledge of her B-Tech degree in Retail Business and Management and become the Founder and Managing Director of her company “Naledi Art”. This young entrepreneur has already formed a business and design relationship with companies such as Aromat, Pringles, Distell, The Modern Man, Lee Beauty, Knorrox, Bfurn Artisan Furniture, and currently has her paintings exhibited at the Julie Miller African Contemporary Gallery in Johannesburg. This exhibition highlights Women’s month.

One of ex learners Naledi Zondi.

PGHS art learners are certainly thriving and excited for what the future holds for them… so always keep an open mind, love, learn, find your artistic “voice” and CREATE!

Written by Mrs C. du Plooy – Art Subject Head