The Eco Club was established in 2021 to promote environmental awareness. These determined and passionate young ladies at Pinetown Girls’ High School have contributed to the environment in a meaningful way by weekly litter pick ups, garden projects and recycling, to name just a few.The aim is to encourage other learners to participate in caring for the environment. The Eco Club also envisions a future to help the greater Pinetown community. Fortiter in Omne Mrs Chetty and the Eco Club

Arbor Week 2023

To register their support for this international initiative, the Eco Club embarked on a tree planting exercise. They also plan to promote sustainable living by starting a vegetable garden at school in the near future. Watch this space !!!

Beach Clean Up

One million marine animals die each year as a result of ingesting plastic waste or becoming entangled in it. ( With this in mind, the Eco Club conducted a beach clean up at the Blue Lagoon Beach on 19 August 2023. The learners, assisted by four educators, identified areas that had unsightly litter. The purpose of the beach clean up was to make the public aware about how litter on the beach affects marine animals and vegetation, and to encourage recycling. Armed with black refuse bags, gloves, sanitiser and a good attitude, the concerned group set about removing plastic, food containers, sweet and chip wrappings and a variety of other undesirable material from the shore and environs. They even discovered broken household items like steam irons and paint tins carelessly lying among the rocks and grassy areas. Later on they distributed colour pamphlets, courtesy of one of the parents, to passersby. The girls received messages of support from the public for their initiative.

After a hard morning’s work the learners and educators enjoyed snacks and taking photographs in the picnic area.

Pictures at the Durban Blue Lagoon

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Earth Day 2023

Mrs K. Chetty and the Eco Club marked Earth Day with a peaceful protest on Josiah Gumede Road, on Friday 21 April 2023

The Eco Club girls were also joined by some volunteers who are concerned about the environment

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