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  • ALL learners to enter through the pedestrian gate by the Hockey Gate.
  • Proceed through Junior Tuckshop gate into Admin quad.
  • Screening and sanitizing will take place.
  • Go to quads and maintain social distancing.
  • No entry without masks.
  • Code of Conduct to be adhered to at ALL TIMES, including Hair Policy and Amended Code of Conduct which will be given to learners for parents’ signature.
  • Revised timetable to be given to learners.

N.B.    Monday to Thursday school will finish at 14:50 and 13:50 on Friday.

  • Please make new transport arrangements.  Learners MUST be fetched immediately after school.
  • The Tuckshop will NOT be open.  Learners to bring sufficient food for the day.
  • Please ensure that your daughter leaves home earlier to come to school, because of restricted numbers in public transport.
  • Safety measures according to Covid-19 regulations have been put in place.
  • If your daughter suffers from any of the risk factors, please send an email to Miss Njapha (pghsadmin@pghs.co.za) so that arrangements can be made for collection of work and assessments etc.
  • We encourage parents to communicate with the school via phone calls and emails, instead of coming to the school.

SGB and School management.

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